Senate slams Israeli aggression in Gaza

ISLAMABAD - The Upper House of the Parliament on Tuesday adopted a unanimous resolution that condemned in strongest words the recent air strikes of Israel on the besieged territory of Gaza and killings of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.
Leader of the Opposition in the Senate, Ishaq Dar moved the resolution on behalf of all the Parliamentary parties representing the House that termed the strikes of Israeli forces as barbaric act as a result of which dozens of people including women and children had been killed or wounded.
The resolution in Senate urged that full support should be extended to the oppressed Palestinian people, so that they could live their lives with dignity and honour. It says that these illegal acts of aggression have again exposed the brutal nature of the Israeli Government, which has been emboldened to take such unilateral military actions, amounting to State terrorism, because no punitive action has been taken against it by the international community for its previous transgressions and violations of international law.
“This House salutes the valiant Palestinian people, who have withstood decades of tyranny and hardship with courage and resolve, firm in their faith and conviction that their righteous cause shall prevail and that the establishment of an independent State of Palestine will be reality in the very near future,” says the text of the resolution. The resolution called upon the international community, including in particular the United Nations, to act immediately to bring to an end the wanton use of military power by the Israeli regime that has caused deaths, destruction and terror. It said that this was a clear threat to world peace.
The House through the resolution also condemned the continuing failure of the government of Myanmar to protect the ethnic and religious Rohingya Muslim minority community.
The resolution stressed the Myanmar Government to perform the Constitutional, legal and moral duties in this regard and take immediate steps to stop the violence against this community, which has led to the displacement of thousands of people.
 It also urged Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi to play her role to protect these helpless people and ensure that they are treated as equal citizens.
A number of lawmakers representing their respective parties condemned the Israeli aggression on the Palestinian Muslims in Gaza strip before the passage of the resolution. Hasil Khan Bizenjo in his remarks said that the peace in the world could not be attained without giving due rights to Palestinian Muslims. He stressed that a resolution should be moved against Israel in the D-8 summit starting from November 22 in Islamabad.
He further said that the whole world in general and Muslims as well as Arab world in particular have turned a blind eye towards Palestine issue.
Tahir Hussain Mashhadi terming the attacks inhuman and barbaric said that genocide of Muslims should come to an end and Israeli aggression must be stopped.

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