Dark Realities of Palestine Conflict

On the verge of Fateh-e- Makkah, a moment of profound significance transpired as our esteemed Holy Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W), extended a general amnesty to all. To acquire a deeper understanding of genuine leadership, particularly in the possession of power and resources to overcome adversaries, one simply has to explore the historical records by immersing oneself in the teachings and deeds of our Holy Prophet, Hazrat Muhammad (S.A.W.W). There, an account unfurls—a narrative of benevolence and limitless magnanimity. It stands as a testament to authentic leadership, highlighting Islam’s inherent rejection of brutality, even in the throes of war, particularly towards the vulnerable, such as children and women.

Furthermore, this historical chronicle serves as a reflective surface mirroring the ongoing conflict between Palestine and Israel. It accentuates a deplorable absence in global leadership, exposing a dearth in the manifestation of genuine leadership principles. The ongoing carnage of innocent Palestinian citizens by the Israeli forces lays bare the true nature of the world we inhabit. It’s a realm where the assertion “might is right “ prevails. The genesis of this conflict is common knowledge. Never in the annals of history has a ruthless leader executed a plan to annihilate innocent citizens, intending to erase their generations from the global map.

Key questions challenge the world. Did Jewish settlers encounter persecution upon their arrival in the land of Palestine? Were their women and children subjected to brutalities while seeking a place to breathe on this planet? No. Palestinians did not resist the settlement of Jews, permitting their women to live and children to survive. The idea of establishing a separate Palestinian homeland was inherently irrational, as the land inherently belonged to Palestinians. However, as support for Palestine waned in the so-called developed world, Israel gained momentum, seizing portions of Palestinian land in the guise of survival. The resolution of this conflict was protracted due to the intentional neglect of the international lobby, which favoured Israel’s unholy pursuit of a Jewish homeland. 

Now, with the conflict escalating globally, it is imperative to urgently halt the brutal savagery Israel inflicts upon Palestinians. This recent episode has laid bare the reality of global peace-making institutions and the developed world. A recent recording from Palestine disclosed that children were deprived of water, finding transient relief in the rain. Earlier recordings from Palestine portrayed children pleading for assistance as their food supplies dwindled. The narratives from Palestine evoke waves of despair in those with even a modicum of humanity left in their souls. Palestine is haemorrhaging, and the world community responds with mere condemnations on social media. The repercussions of this brutality are beyond what one can fathom. The substantial killing of innocent Palestinians will only intensify the conflict in the future.

Will parents who have lost their children ever find peace? Will children who have lost their parents ever forget this lifetime trauma? Above all, will Palestinians abandon their homeland in the wake of Israel’s brutality? 

Unlikely. Israel will face resistance in the days ahead, as their cruelty only invites more opposition. The imperative for resolving the conflict is pressing, lest it engulfs the world in the fire of chaos. The solution lies in crafting an agreement with Palestinians, addressing their rightful possession of their homeland.

The use of power in this conflict resolution must cease. The UNO must assemble a session of all nations to collectively oppose Israel if the UNO aims to remain relevant as a peacekeeping body in the current era.

The disappointing performance of the UNO in this conflict signifies that the world is hurtling towards a conflict involving many states. Jews must anticipate the consequences of their actions today. History attests that every action in this universe begets a reaction of equivalent magnitude, but the direction is always opposite. Even Jews will grapple with justifying their brutalities to future generations. A ceasefire is imperative, and the world must converge on Palestine to safeguard trapped civilians.

Palestinians need shelter, protection, sustenance, and medication. This is not just our ethical responsibility but a duty as humans. The rules of war proscribe such brutalities. It’s disgraceful for Israel to target hospitals and schools where unarmed people face Israeli tanks and weapons. What would be the future of this world if the brutal actions of a few nations gain sanction from the residents of this planet?

Even wars are governed by rules and regulations. Even in conflicts, there is room for women and children to survive amid the presence of the enemy.

The world is entering an era of brutality, commencing with the current situation in Palestine. Peace cannot prevail until we respect others’ right to live and survive. Palestinians deserve the repossession of their homeland. Their voices necessitate the attention of the global community. This conflict is a litmus test for the UNO and all human rights organizations. Peace must prevail, guided by the clear directions Islam provides. Developed countries must set an example, not just by showcasing ethical strength but by aiding Palestinians. 

There is no religious, cultural, or ethnic question right now. The question is whether nations worldwide still uphold values that make them eligible to be called humans. If so, they must rally support for Palestinians. Failure to safeguard Palestinians from Israel’s brutalities will haunt humanity through its remains in history, a stark reminder of Israel’s insane behavior in Palestine with the world as a spectator.

Waqar Hassan

The writer is a civil servant. He can be reached at waqar hassancsp@ gmail.com

The writer is a civil servant. He can be reached 
at waqar