Ending Gas Theft

In parallel to the power theft crackdown, a proactive crackdown against gas pilferers is also underway. This crackdown is significant for a number of reasons. One, it will save the burden on the national exchequer caused by the free utilisation of essential resources such as gas itself. Second, by way of deterring and imposing fines, it will inculcate a sense of wrongdoing and hence an ethical use of energy resources. Third, it is a way out of a long-standing issue the country is facing. Small thefts add up to cause big losses and the overall impact trickles down to each and every member of the community, like the ongoing economic crunch the country is going through.

The efforts of Sui Natural Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) in this regard must be appreciated. The scope of these efforts should extend to all areas of Pakistan, and loopholes that allow gas theft must also be traced out, in parallel. Coordinated efforts that are already underway indicate a wholesome approach to tackle and end this misuse of essential resources. The problem is concentrated in some areas more than others, which requires informal civic education as well. All citizens must be apprised that an equitable distribution of gas against fixed utility costs will be equally beneficial for all.

Every day brings us closer to resources falling short of the growing needs. Some would argue resources are not ending any time soon, it is only either a misuse, an abuse, or overuse that gives the impression. This argument carries good weight. If an essential resource like gas is distributed fairly and there are no thefts, the problem of shortages will appear much less small than it is at present. No one should be allowed to illegally consume gas, at the massive cost of depriving others and disturbing the economic balance of the country.

SNGPL has demonstrated commitment to ending gas theft. At the end of the day, stronger checks will ensure the success of this crackdown in the long run. Responsible and legal use of energy can save us the trouble of gas shortages.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt