Justice cry

I am deeply saddened to inform you about the tragic incident that befell my family just two days ago. My uncle, a kind-hearted soul, lost his life in a bike accident on the streets of Karachi. The circumstances surrounding his demise have left us in shock and despair.

Despite the crowd at the scene, no one came forward to assist him after the accident. The fear of legal repercussions under our country’s laws paralyzed the onlookers, preventing them from extending a helping hand. Even the ambulance that arrived promptly left upon realising my uncle had already passed away. The subsequent police response was sluggish, and many questions about the incident remain unanswered.

What troubles us the most is the absence of any eyewitnesses or video evidence of the accident. The lack of CCTV footage deepens our grief, adding to the immense distress and sadness we are already grappling with.

My uncle, a man of only 35 years, leaves behind three daughters: Adeeba (15), Hadiya (13 or 12), and Mahnoor (7 or 8). Their loss is immeasurable, and their father’s absence leaves a void that cannot be filled. The youngest, Mahnoor, is also unwell, and my uncle’s untimely demise has cast a shadow over her fragile health.

In a heart-wrenching twist of fate, my uncle had planned to surprise his family by coming home early for Mahnoor’s check-up. He had even bought dry fruits for his loved ones, intending to share his joy with them. However, the heartless behaviour displayed by some individuals at the police station, where these items were withheld, adds to our family’s anguish.

The patience exhibited by our family, especially his daughters, is a testament to their strength. Despite the pain, they hold onto the hope that their Baba will come home, as if this is just a terrifying dream. We pray for Allah’s guidance and patience for my uncle’s loved ones, sisters, brothers, and especially his grieving family. We believe in Allah’s plan, even in the face of such profound sorrow.

In these challenging times, we implore the authorities to expedite their investigation, uncover the truth, and bring justice to our family. We also call upon our fellow citizens to stand together, show compassion, and restore our faith in the goodness of humanity. May we find the strength to endure this difficult journey and may my uncle’s soul rest in eternal peace. AISHA MUHAMMAD ARIF, Karachi.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt