When it comes to healthcare duties, no authority, institution or professional has any margin for error due to the fatal implications that any malpractices or miscommunications can result in. As such, for an entire hospital in Rawalpindi to become infamous for negligence and mismanagement is concerning. Not only does the government need to look into this highly sensitive matter but regulatory bodies need to reform procedures to ensure that no lives are lost or harmed at the hands of workers with little faculty or experience.

According to reports, the private hospital has been charging exorbitant amounts for regular procedures—all of which have failed to live up to the standard required by the medical community. Not only do families have to worry about the actual cost of the treatment but additional charges relating to the provision of rooms, patient visiting, food, medicines and the like, are also applicable.

One can only assume that the service, at least, would match the price tag that it comes along with. Instead, patients suffering from renal treatment are reportedly being treated by doctors who have no qualifications, are giving assurances of their expertise through referencing a senior doctor without permission and are violating the distance requirements for transmittable diseases. Furthermore, they have also been accused of producing wrong test results, by virtue of faulty machinery or incorrect relay of information, and refuse to take responsibility for their lack of oversight. These are just some of the complaints that were filed to the Punjab Healthcare Commission (PHCC).

It is alarming that our medical standards have fallen to a point where deaths caused by malpractice come under the realm of normalcy. It shows that there has been a significant lack of oversight in regards to the healthcare system, and that too at the expense of the wellbeing of the public at large. Clearly, more stringent procedures are needed to ensure that the situation is improved immediately and drastically. We cannot disregard the value of prompt action in this matter.