We are resident of district Mirpurkhas, Sindh. We are facing multiple problems such as the spell of rain and transport problems. The rain has been a disaster for our region. As a result of it, our businesses and crops have drowned. Besides, difficulty in transport has also made it a very big problem for us to communicate. In our city, more than half of the population are unemployed and daily wagers. For them, it is very difficult in the COVID-19 situation to pay high fares. They have suddenly increased fares, from 30 to 100 rupees, without any legal notification. The people mostly use this transport from Mirpurkhas to Naukot to earn their livelihood.

If we are asking to transport owners, why have you increased the fares of transport? They usually reply us with lame excuses that COVID-19 has made lose our business. They have taken law into their hands.

The Deputy Commissioner of Mirpurkhas and Chief Minister of Sindh are requested to look into this matter.