Prime Minister Imran Khan can play an important role in the development and revival of the PIA. We have to make fundamental changes to the system to get rid of the fake license issues. For this, we can also get the help of large organisations from outside which are already implementing comprehensive programs for the preparation and training of pilots.

In reality, Airline Transport Pilots License (ATPL) does not comprise of a theory exam only but it is earned on the basis of four competencies, which are: Aviation Medical assessment by a board of flight physiologist, having successfully completed 1500 actual flight hours as a pilot on a Commercial Pilots License (CPL), 16 subjects theory exams compiled into 8 exams in Pakistan and flight check for the issuance of ATPL.

I would recommend the following steps. identify heinous and sadist people and isolate them from the aviation sector. Step 2: we have to spend a due amount to acquire an expensive, licensed and certified ATPL/CPL courseware which includes not only the testing platform but also mandatory computer-based training (CBT) theory ground classes with accredited hours towards examinations. An international specialized company like CAE Pelesys, FAA CPL/ATPL Ground Studies, or Bristolmay be contacted for this. Exclude all the Pilots from the “suspicious bloated list”.

As per PCAA rules, if still the data of a few individuals can not be found or confirmed they may be asked to reappear. Another step would be to purchase a certified and approved Safety Management System (SMS) reporting from Airbus that will effectively resolve the issue.