PPRA declares award of MDCAT contract as violation of rules

Islamabad - The Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) in its decision declared the awarding of MDCAT to private company by Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) as violation of its rules.
Eleven pages of written decision on MDCAT examinations and contract papers was issued which declared PMC contract with private company (SAOR) for MDCAT exams as a violation.
The decision said 14 companies had applied to PMC for contract of MDCAT exams, while PMC gave MDCAT exams contract to private company named SAOR against law. 
The PPRA’s decision said that fees to be collected from students are public funds and PMC is bound to implement PPRA rules.
The decision said PMC is responsible for the proper use of public funds and thousands of medical students protest in the streets against MDCAT exams.
After the protest of the medical students, the Pakistan Medical Commission tried to pass the students by giving them extra marks.
The deadline for awarding contracts for the MDCAT exam was May 5 while the company awarded the contract was registered on May 21.
It said 175,000 students participated in MDCAT exam and the company system stopped working during the MDCAT exams.
Due to the incompetence of SAOR Company, thousands of deserving students failed the exam.
The decision noted why only SAOR was awarded the contract except 14 companies and why PMC did not look at the qualifications of the company while awarding the contract for MDCAT exams. It also said how the PMC awarded a 10-year contract to a private company.

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