PTI hawks push for ‘surprise’ at Jati Umra

LAHORE - PTI can make an effort for a surprise march on ruling family palace in Jati Umra during its September 30 Raiwind rally, senior party leaders told The Nation yesterday.

Imran Khan should make an effort to advance on the ruling family’s residence in Raiwind on September 30 to give a jolt to the ruling party which claimed provincial capital as its citadel to express some nuisance, senior PTI leaders told the paper while quoting a proposal of party hawks.

However, the push towards Raiwind palace of the ruling family should be peaceful even the PML-N activists make provocative action, they added.

Top PTI leaders, disclosing some details of proposals discussed in a party meeting concerning Raiwind march on September 30, told the paper that party hawks suggested a ‘peaceful march’ on ruling family’s palace in Raiwind.

The march should culminate at a certain distance from the residence and party chairman should make the demands afresh regarding accountability following the Panama leaks.

The party morale is low especially after the poor show of Lahore’s Ehtesaab March launched in the first week of this month. The party needs a booster by throwing an unusual challenge to the ruling party in provincial capital claimed its bastion by the ruling party, said the hawks supporting their proposal to march on ruling party’s residence.

The dovish leadership in the party strongly opposed any such move that could lead to clash with the ruling party’s activists and could turn the show into a bloodbath.

Adda Plot Stop, which is the most likely choice of the PTI to hold the Raiwind show, is located 5 km away from ruling family’s residence and this distance is fare enough to organize a symbolic show to give the message to public for a march on Raiwind for acceptance of party demands of accountability following Panama disclosures, said the dovish leadership confronting the hawks idea of marching on ruling family residence.

The hawks in another proposals said that the party should make an effort to march on ruling family’s residence if it succeeds in amassing impressive number of people.

The ruling party’s ‘volunteers’ have announced a force to counter the Imran Khan’s possible march on ruling family palace on September 30 under the name of Janisar Nawaz Sharif Force which is seen armed with bamboo sticks to block the PTI activists on TV screens and newspapers’ headlines.

Similarly, the PTI youth and its students wing and other party cadres have warned the ruling party to confront the Janisar Force with men armed with bats.

Civilian intelligence agencies have advised the ruling party to maintain ‘strict restraint’.

There should be no Janisaraan near the route of Imran’s Raiwind march on September 30. Let the law enforcement agencies deal with the matter in case PTI violates its agreement with the administration for the venue and limits of their show, they advised.

Civilian intelligence agencies anticipate a move on part of the PTI with regard to launching a surprise march to reach near the palace of the ruling family. But in any case, the activists of the ruling party should not involve themselves in a confrontation with Imran’s party workers, they advised the ruling party.

A confrontation would provide an opportunity to the PTI to involve all opposition parties for a joint move against the government which have otherwise distanced themselves from Imran’s show saying launching march on any political leader’s house is against the norms of democracy, said an assessment of the civilian intelligence agencies.

On Tuesday, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Khan met with Punjab Chief Minister and other senior officials to review the security matters concerning the PTI march on Raiwind.

Special surveillance teams of civilian intelligence agencies have already been deputed to gauge the possible build up of PTI activists on September 30. The teams also monitoring contacts among the PTI leaders and other opposition parties to assess which opposition party could participate in Raiwind show.

PTI senior leaders Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Ch Sarwar had said that September 30 march would be peaceful but it could turn nasty if the ruling party makes any bid to stop the peaceful marchers. PML-N Punjab government spokesman Zaeem Qadri, in the meanwhile, has given a deadline of September 25 to the PTI for giving its venue for the September 30 show as Imran would not be allowed to roam wherever he desires, especially in Raiwind area.

Opposition Leader in Punjab Assembly and senior PTI leader Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed has written a letter to Punjab chief secretary and inspector general of police to take notice of the threats hurled by ruling party leaders in a bid to stop Imran’s followers from launching September 30 Raiwind march.

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