31 shopkeepers punished for using polythene bags

KHANEWAL    -  District administration on Tuesday imposed fine on 31 shopkeepers for using polythene bags during de­livery of goods to custom­ers. According to official sources, a special campaign under supervision of Depu­ty Commissioner Umar If­tikhar Sherazi was in prog­ress. The officials of the Environment Department inspected 92 shops. The of­ficials found 44 shops, us­ing polythene bags. About 44 kilograms of Polythene bags were recovered dur­ing the inspection. The shopkeepers were fined Rs50,000. The sale of poly­thene bags is prohibited as it causes environmental pollution. Apart from this, it also results in blockage of sewerage lines. The depu­ty commissioner appealed to the business community to cooperate in addressing the issue of environmental pollution.

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