LAHORE-On September 16, the Vice Rector’s Office at FCCU held a gathering to celebrate the accreditation of the PharmD programme. CEO Chughtai Labs Dr. A.S. graced the event as the chief guest. Also in attendance were Rector Dr. Jonathan Addleton, Vice Rector Dr. Douglas Trimble, Associate Vice-Rector Dr. Gloria Calib, Chairperson of Pharmacy Department Dr. Abdul Haleem Khan, members of the Executive Staff Committee, and faculty members from the Chemistry and PharmD departments. Dr Addleton appreciated the efforts of the Chemistry and PharmD departments in launching the PharmD program and making it the successful program. He also shed light on the legacy of the Chemistry department as one of the oldest in the region and for being a center of excellence since its early days. Dr. Chughtai spoke of his fondness for his alma mater FCCU and how he is always pleased to visit the campus. He also spoke about his motivation behind creating Chughtai Labs and his efforts to support students and train them at par with international facilities. Dr. Trimble expressed his appreciation for the faculty for their selfless service and dedication to the program and university. He also thanked the attendees for their presence on this occasion.

Chairperson Pharmacy Department Dr. Abdul Haleem Khan, Professor of Chemistry Dr. Dildar Ahmad, and Professor of Chemistry Mohammad Saeed Iqbal were honored at the event for their contribution to the program and the department and their efforts in setting up a program that prepares students well for their careers. The honorees spoke about their experiences at FCCU and about setting up the PharmD program.

FCCU is deeply appreciative of the faculty’s services and immensely proud of the PharmD program and the quality of the students it is producing.