There are multiple generations that have grown up hearing the slogan throughout their lives, “Jahan Maamta, Wahan Dalda”. You may be in any situation but hearing this tagline always tends to click a core memory. The tagline somehow always ends up making one feel loved, cherished, and overall nostalgic.

This year, Dalda has released “Dalda Maamta story”, and they have made sure to tick all the right boxes. The story, the beautiful narration and the acting by Fawad Khan and Zara Tareen bring everything and everyone together, regardless of the generational gap or the age difference. It is an advert filled with sentimentality, showcasing a mother’s love.

While we all feel like being in a rat race, where every single thing seems to be rushed, the ad acts as a reminder for the public to pay attention to the people around and the moments that make us whole. These are the moments spent with our loved ones, who pour in their heart and soul when it comes to taking care of their families. In focus are the mothers, they do it so quietly that we at times forget to appreciate their countless efforts. The hard work of our mothers go unnoticed at times and that is what this ad acknowledges.

Just like the endless and unconditional love of a mother, Dalda in its essence stays loyal to the consumers.

Experience the nostalgia by clicking on the link.