KARACHI - DHA Karachi management is envisioning a sustainable and eco-friendly future of the DHA Karachi and DHA City and encouraging all such efforts including alternate energy, greenery/plantation and renewable energy ideas and efforts carried out by the residents and organizations working in DHA.

There is a negative propaganda circulating on print and social media regarding fine by DHA to residents on installation of solar panels at their residential property. It is clarified that DHA always promote and supports use of solar energy source by the residents. 

There are no charges/fee for permission of installation of solar panels at residential property. However, reviewing the safe installation plan, quality of equipment used and its impact on the neighborhood is DHA responsibility and DHA always intimate its residents in advance to submit the plans, completion drawings and other details before the installation.

In this context, an information Post on Installation of Solar Panels at Residential Property has already been uploaded on DHA Social Media Accounts & Voice of DHA on 8 September 2022.