ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan Mus­lim League- Nawaz (PML-N) Vice Presi­dent Maryam Nawaz has said that PTI Chair­man Imran Khan, who accuses US of conspir­ing against his govern­ment, on one hand is lobbying with Ameri­cans to secure a ‘politi­cal bailout’ while on the other is putting pres­sure on institutions by hurling threats.

Maryam Nawaz was talking to media per­sons after appearing before IHC over her appeal against convic­tion in the Avenfield reference on Tues­day. “Imran Khan is a non-issue now, and we should not give him any weightage and rather put our collective efforts to­wards resolving the country’s is­sues,” she said. She stated that PTI al­ways puts up a challenge and clears its way out of everything.

Criticizing the PTI Chairman she added that Imran Khan provokes peo­ple by telling them to break the idol of fear, while he didn’t have the courage to even name someone directly. She further lashed out at the PTI Chairper­son and challenged him to bring for­ward the proof of any security threats. Maryam said she always believed in democracy and democratic norms, but did not consider the PTI a politi­cal party. It was now the responsibility of all the political parties to come for­ward and expose a ‘hypocrite and im­poster’ Imran Khan before the nation. She said on one hand Imran Khan had no guts to point out the names of Mr X and Mr Y and on the other he was inciting his party workers to retali­ate the alleged threats. Ironically, he always kept his supporters in dark about his late night meetings, she added.To a question, Maryam claimed that the government in Punjab was unconstitutional and Chief Minister Pervez Elahi had to go home sooner or later for the betterment of the prov­ince. She said Imran Khan repeatedly blamed the United States for toppling his government, but after a big U-turn he had now embarked on lobbying with that country. The PML-N lead­er lambasted Imran Khan for ‘malign­ing’ state institutions and alleged that he and his coterie were fully involved in corruption, while the National Ac­countability Bureau (NAB) had failed to produce any evidence in the cases registered against the PML-N leader­ship, including herself.