ISLAMABAD    -   Pakistan is the second largest refu­gees hosting country in the world, National Assembly Standing Com­mittee on Human Rights was told on Tuesday. 

At least 1.4 million registered Afghans are living in Pakistan of whom 0.81 have documents while 0.7 millions are living without documents. 

Joint Secretary from the Minis­try of States and Frontier Regions informed committee about the plight of Afghan Refugees. 

With 1.4 million registered Af­ghans, Pakistan is the second larg­est refugees hosting country in the world. “Those Afghans who came to Pakistan after August 2021 are not refugees, they are asylum seekers who want to go further to Europe, America,” the commit­tee was told. Most of these asylum seekers are living in urban areas. 

According to UNHCR procedure, they will take 3 to 5 years to reach their destination in Europe. Ac­cording to director from Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan cannot afford more refugees in Pakistan. 

These newcomers want to go to different countries but when they contacted relevant embassies they were informed that those coun­tries were not ready to look after these refugees anymore. 

Representative of Afghan ref­ugees informed the committee about these issues. The commit­tee was not satisfied with the of­fers made by Interior, Foreign Af­fairs and Safron ministries. 

The Committee asked the rele­vant ministries to present com­plete details regarding Afghan ref­ugees. 

The committee directed the rele­vant ministries to come with prop­er preparedness, solution and pro­posals regarding this issue