ISLAMABAD    -   The opposition Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Tuesday called upon the political parties and the powerful establish­ment to rewrite the po­litical framework and de­velop some consensus on ‘rules of the game’ in or­der to ensure balance in civil-military relationship.

Former information minister and PTI senior vice president Fawad Chaudhry gave the pro­posal by saying that it has become indispens­able to develop the new political framework be­cause the present sys­tem has failed to deliver.

“They must strive for balance in civil-military relationship and power must be transferred to the people of Pakistan,” he said in a statement issued by the PTI’s central media department. “I call upon po­litical parties and the estab­lishment to rewrite the po­litical framework and let’s agree on rules of the game,” he added. Talking about Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) decisions, he stated that the ruling par­ty leadership have taken ex­tremely “apolitical and stu­pid decisions hitherto.” He questioned if elections were held six months ago, would it have not been better for the PML-N? He said that they could not enjoy their routine life now, fearing that the peo­ple would break into their houses after four months’ of poor performance and crip­pling economic situation of the country.