LAHORE     -   Punjab Finance Minister Minister Sardar Mohsin Leghari said this year’s flood in the province was unexpected and completely different from the past as the province witnessed flash floods due to sudden rains instead of floods due to increase in water level and flows in rivers. 

In a meeting with the International Mon­etary Fund (IMF) representative Esther Perez Ruiz, he informed that the rains were recorded more than 85 percent this year from the past in the monsoon seasons which resulted in heavy flash floods and adversely affected the two districts of Punjab (DG Khan and Rajanpur).Relief Commissioner Punjab, Finance Secretary and other relevant officers were also present with him on this occasion. 

The massive destruction occurred in Rajanpur. 

In DG Khan district, 366 villages and 80 union councils were affected, while in Rajanpur, 176 vil­lages and 44 union councils were affected. Over all 191 human casualties occurred and 3,858 people were injured while 17953 houses were destroyed in DG Khan and 34160 houses were destroyed in Rajanpur. In both the districts education, health, agriculture, roads infrastructure and civic facili­ties were badly affected. 

The minister informed the IMF repre­sentative that agriculture and livestock are the major source of the livelihood of the flood-affected district’s population. In both districts, more than 90 percent of the ag­ricultural land was flooded and unemployment increased due to the death of 205,106 cattle. Af­ter the initial estimate, the Punjab government will immediately need more than Rs 26 billion to compensate the losses of the affected people.