Sindh High Court (SHC) on Wednesday issued notices to the KDA and Advocate General Sindh for removal of Afghan Basti encroachment here.

“The place for apartments has been under encroachment since 90s decade,” Ayaz Ansari Advocate told the court. “The Supreme Court has already ordered removal of encroachments in Naimatullah Khan case,” according to the petition.

“Why our order is required when the supreme court has already ruled over the matter,” Justice Hassan Azhar Rizvi said.

“Sir, it is Afghan Kheema Basti (Afghan tent settlement), officials scare to go there,” petitioner’s counsel said. “You are right, this court has also issued orders for score of times but without any result,” the bench observed.

“There are parks and other amenity plots for citizens,” counsel said. ” (God knows), which people come to that place, why the orders not being implemented,” the bench remarked.

“The situation expected to improve, if this court issues an order now,” petitioner’s counsel said.