Awami Muslim League Pakistan (AMLP) leader Sheikh Rashid on Wednesday said that Pakistan Democratic Alliance (PDM) is running away from elections but elections are the only solution for the national stability in the country.

Taking to Twitter, the former Interior Minister Rashid said that after the addition of two new ministers, the count of ministers in the cabinet have reached to 72.

He said that Pakistanis are dying with Covid-19 and Dengue while the leaders are enjoying in expensive hotels of the US.

He further said that one appointment has become heavy on all.

He also said that provincial assemblies can also be dissolved if needed.

Talking about the hike in petroleum prices, he said that the value of Pakistani Rupee is depreciating everyday while the prices of essential commodities, electricity and petrol are increasing.

Rashid said that whether to go to elections or the dead end, its decision will be made soon.