I am writing this article for the most pressing demand of the locals of Turbat.

Turbat, the second-largest city in Balochistan, and the administrative Centre of “District Makran” lacks crucial and rudimentary structures that can be fulfilled. In addition to this, the most populated city in district Makran still lacks a proper and demanded sewerage system, owing to which the residents are compelled to excavate deep sumps and artificial sewerage systems, outside of the houses to meet the preliminary need for a promising livelihood.

Furthemorer, the reason to mention this issue is that the increased number of such sumps makes life more arduous because the source of drinking water comes from the same Watercourses through the Water Supply system near the sumps.

The reason to mention this issue is that this tainted drinking water is deadly affecting the residents’ health conditions, especially during the monsoons when these sumps are brimming over and ultimately pollute the drinking water as well as the atmosphere.

Above all, what is sad is that because of the contaminated ambience in the city, suffering from a rising rate of severe diseases, such as diarrhoea, cholera, malaria, hepatitis A, typhoid, and other non-communicable infections causing the death of people in the city which is an immense subject.

I appeal to the administrative authorities of district Makran and the CM of Balochistan, regarding this issue and hope for a promising response as soon as possible.