Crafting hope: woodworking workshop launched at Haripur prison

Peshawar   -  In the middle of Haripur Central Prison, something unique has been launched to transform prisoners’ lives: imagine the sound of saws cutting wood and the peaceful hum of people working with their hands.

On Wednesday morning, the prison introduced a big change by opening a woodworking workshop, inaugurated by Inspector General Prisons Usman Mahsud.

The prison superintendent, Umair Khan, greeted IG Usman Mahsud and Additional Inspector General Hamidur Rahman. Umair told them all about the changes happening in the prison.

The new woodworking workshop is not just a place to make things out of wood. It’s a place where prisoners can learn and find hope. It’s like a school where they can get better at working with wood. The best part is that when they leave prison, they can use these skills to find jobs and start new lives.

The workshop is like a light at the end of the tunnel for these prisoners and it’s an opportunity to change and become better people.

This place is officially recognised by a group called TEVTA. They help people learn useful skills. In this workshop, prisoners can earn a special diploma in carpentry. It’s like a certificate that says they’re really good at working with wood and they can also adopt this profession to live a decent life after getting released from the prison.

On the occasion, IG Prisons Usman Mahsud promised to help make these workshops even better. He said he knew that everyone deserved a second chance, and he was determined to give them the tools they needed to change their lives.

An official said the Inspector General Usman Mahsud and Additional Inspector General Hamidur Rahman took a tour of the prison. They also witnessed people making pottery, shoes, and carpets. There was even a special place where they were growing fish in a natural way.

“But the woodworking workshop was the star of the show. It’s not just for the prisoners; it also takes orders from the government and private companies to make furniture and other things. This means the workshop is not just changing the lives of the prisoners; it’s also helping the community.”

The workshop at Haripur Central Prison shows that people can change for the better. The woodworking workshop isn’t just a place to make things; it’s a place of hope and a chance for a new beginning. It’s proof that with the right support, anyone can turn their life around.

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