India on Sikhs killing spree globally

ISLAMABAD  -  India’s global terror­ism is expanding and being extended to dif­ferent parts of the world with an aim to target dissident Sikh leaders and car­ry out assassinations as well as subversive activities in Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UK and Canada. 

Indian intelligence agency RAW officers are posted in Indian foreign missions as undercov­er officers to make plots of assassination of vari­ous Sikh leaders through hired assassins.

In South Asia, Nepal and Afghanistan are being used for planning and execution of terrorism acts in Pakistan. Indian terrorism has always shown its real face not only within India but also outside India as well. 

World over, it has been proven from the evidence that India is the global terrorist leader in spread­ing terrorism with state funding and planning. The Sikh community has been insecure since the creation of India in 1947 and the biggest evidence was anti-Sikh riots that started in the 1980s in In­dia’s east Punjab.

More than 100,000 Sikhs have been killed in In­dia since 1984 including in the Operation Blue Star in Amritsar. Facts show that there have been more than 150 riots against Sikhs in India to sup­press Khalistan, the Sikh movement for a sepa­rate state. The Modi government has been kill­ing countless Sikhs within India since the start of Khalistan movement.

Indian external terrorism had reached Canada where Khalistan movement leader Hardeep Singh Nagar was killed on 18 June 2023 involving a senior RAW officer posted in Indian High Commission in Ottawa, Canada. This is not the first time that India has killed anti-Modi dissidents in June 2023, Avtar Singh Khanda was poisoned to death in the United Kingdom. In May 2023, Rashmeet Singh was assas­sinated by Vinoshan Balakrishnan in the UK.

In July 2022, Rapoodman Singh Malik was shot dead in Surrey, British Columbia. 

More than 15 Sikhs have been killed in target killing by the agents on the payroll of RAW. 

Indian-Canadian Sikh Harkirat Kaur expressed deep concern after the killing of Hardeep Singh and demanded security from the Canadian gov­ernment for the Sikh community in Canada. 

Renowned Sikh singer Sidhu Moosewala was shot dead on 29 May 2022 by a Hindu gangster who claimed responsibility.

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