OGRA rejects misinformation campaign

The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) on Thursday strongly denied the false propaganda circulating on social and national media, evidently aimed at maligning the organisation and diverting attention from its actions against illegal and malicious activities of illegal smuggling of Iranian oil and use of flare gas.

In an official statement, a spokesperson for the OGRA emphasised that the Authority maintained a profound dedication to its core mission, which involved transparently regulating and overseeing Pakistan’s oil and gas sector with the highest standards of integrity and diligence.

“The OGRA remains unwavering in efforts to ensure safety, compliance and fairness for all stakeholders and the nation.”

The OGRA urged the public and media to seek accurate information and refrain from spreading harmful misinformation that could damage the reputation of an institution dedicated to safeguarding Pakistan’s energy consumers and promoting a responsible oil and gas sector.

The OGRA expressed concern that a few self-proclaimed troublemakers were misleading the public with disinformation. He urged the media to verify OGRA’s stance before broadcasting or publishing news related to the oil and gas sector.

The Authority emphasised that OGRA’s primary goals included promoting competition, encouraging private investment and ownership in the mid and downstream petroleum industry and safeguarding public interests through effective and efficient regulations.

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