ISLAMABAD - The Central Power Purchasing Agency-Guarantee (CPPA-G) has requested National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) to decrease the power tariff by Re 0.61 per unit under monthly FCA, as it had charged the electricity consumers extra tariff per unit in the month of March. The CPPA in its petition for monthly Fuel Charges Adjustments, on the behalf of XWDiscos, submitted to Nepra said, it had charged consumers a reference fuel tariff of Rs 6.2295 per unit in March while the actual fuel cost turned out to be lower or Rs 5.6246 per unit. Hence, it should be allowed to decrease Re 0.6149 per unit.

According to the data provided to Nepra, the energy generation in March 2021 was recorded at 8964.80 GWh. The total cost of energy generated amounted to Rs 49.715 billion. The total electricity sold to Discos was 8614.55 GWh for Rs 48.367 billion. The total transmission losses during March surged to 3.91 per cent. 

The share of hydropower generation in March was 19.42 per cent or 174.58 GWh against the February share of 27.93 per cent or 2033 GWh. The power generation from coal-fired power plants increased from 1902.98 GWh in February to 2734.39 GWh (30.50 per cent) in March. The cost of the generation, however, increased from Rs 7.0621 per unit in February to Rs 7.2595 per unit in March. The use of RFO power generation increased from 77.31 GWh or 1.06 per cent in February to 235.12 GWh or 2.62 percent in March. The tariff for RFO based electricity also increased from Rs 11.8971 per unit in February to Rs 11.9166 per unit. No HSD based electricity was generated in March. Electricity generation from gas in March increased to 1036.22 GWh from 906.37 GWh in February. The generation of RLNG based electricity increased from 1271.04 GWh or 17.46 per cent in February to 1892.77 KWh. The cost of the electricity, however, increased from Rs 8.8252 per unit in February to Rs 9.0669 per KWh.

Nuclear energy contributed 10.49 per cent or 940.16 GWh electricity at the cost of Rs 1.0261 per unit. The share of wind power plants was 1.89 per cent or 169.52 GWh and solar contributed 0.74 per cent or 66.37 GWh to the system. The electricity imported from Iran contributed 0.23 per cent or 38.70 GWh at a cost of Rs 9.3696 per unit. Mixed energy contributed 0.23 per cent or 20.88 GWh at the cost of Rs 5.9822 per unit. Bagasse contributed 1 per cent or 90.08 GWh at Rs 5.9822 per unit.