RAWALPINDI    -   Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman and former prime minister Imran Khan has vowed not to surrender his struggle for ‘real independence’ in the country and also put a question mark on the ‘neutrality’ of the powers that be.

While addressing the pub­lic gathering at Liaquat Bagh here on Sunday, the PTI chief criticised that he was ousted from power through an alleged foreign conspiracy when the country was witnessing signifi­cant economic growth. He said, “Regime change was staged in Pakistan as Imran Khan rejected the US slavery. Countries design their for­eign policies for the better­ment of their nations. I did not want my nation to join the US-led war.” Imran said, “Only nation can defeat the corrupt people. I will stay on roads until I get real inde­pendence.” He said that the youth is the future of Paki­stan and they will decide the fate of the country. He criti­cised the discriminative en­forcement of law separately for rich and poor people in the country. While criticis­ing the war on terror, Khan said that thousands of Paki­stanis were martyred in the US-led war and he wanted to permanently come out of the American-led war.

Regarding the May 25 ral­ly, Khan said that the incum­bent government used il­legal tactics to target PTI workers and he conclud­ed the sit-in to avoid blood­shed. Condemning Shah­baz Gill’s arrest, Imran Khan said, “Shahbaz Gill was ab­ducted and tortured. I did not know the whereabouts of Gill for two to three days until the lawyers told me about the condition of Shah­baz Gill.” He said that he will never accept the rule of the ‘thieves’. While condemning the suspension of ARY News transmission, Imran Khan said, “ARY News went off-air after the channel presented the PTI stance.” Imran said, “I want to ask whether you are neutral or not… if not then why are you damaging this country so much” as he reiterated the call for fresh elections to end the politi­cal and economic instabil­ity in Pakistan. The former prime minister asked the “neutrals” why he was oust­ed through a ‘foreign-fund­ed’ vote of no-confidence in parliament, saying that his only crime is that he has not accepted the imported gov­ernment. “Now, the PEMRA is also in the game. What has Imran Khan done? His only crime is that he is not accept­ing this imported govern­ment,” he said. Imran said that the chief election com­missioner is giving all his verdicts against PTI as they wanted to disqualify him but when they seek information, they get replies that they are under pressure from the “boots”. “Now in Shahbaz Gill’s case, police say they are under pressure... what­ever is happening in Paki­stan will be blamed on you,” he said while addressing the “neutrals”. “I’m saying all this today because I know their plan. I know what Mr Y is planning but let me tell you today that Imran Khan will not budge even if you throw me in jail… I will never go abroad… I will live and die in this country,” he added. Im­ran said that he did not want to end his May 25 rally but he did so to avoid bloodshed in the country and added, “I will not rest until I give real freedom to my people.” The PTI Chairman said he was worried about the nation as they were facing inflation and other oppressions from the sitting imported govern­ment of national exchequer looters. He promised the na­tion that he will not sit in his house now and will move on roads to awaken the people against the ruling thieves. Imran claimed the sitting Chief Election Commission­er fully tried to rig the last by-elections on 20 seats in Punjab under the directions of Maryam Nawaz Sharif and Hamza Shehbaz Shar­if but failed and now they have planned to crush the party by registering cases against us.