ISLAMABAD    -    Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yester­day postponed his official visits to Germany, Den­mark, Sweden and Norway in view of calamities across Pakistan caused by the ongoing heavy mon­soon rains and flooding, as well as heavy damages to lives and property.

“The foreign minister is looking forward to his interactions with his counterparts, other digni­taries and media, as part of Pakistan’s continued engagement with Europe,” said a foreign ministry announcement.

It added: “The foreign minister’s visits to these capitals will be rescheduled at mutually agreed later dates in consultation with the host govern­ments.” Bilawal was scheduled to meet his coun­terparts in Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Oslo and also to hold meetings with other digni­taries and interact with the media during his give day trip from August 22.

The focus of the visit was on broadening Paki­stan’s economic engagement with these key ex­port destinations and identifying more opportuni­ties for Pakistanis. Bilawal was also scheduled to sign a ‘Green Framework Engagement’ agreement with Denmark, focusing on climate change coop­eration, a priority area of the government.