Federal Minister  Javed Latif has given voice to his suspicion that someone is trying to save PTI Chairman Imran Khan and is pulling his strings while stressing that the law should be equal for everyone.

Talking to a presser in Lahore on Monday, the minister said that there was someone out there who was protecting former prime minister Imran Khan. “Who wants to save the Ladla (Imran) even today who is this who is pulling Imran’s strings to and fro,” he wondered.

Mr Latif said Imran had claimed that the agencies used to run his government. The former premier also claimed that agencies would report him on the politicians, he added.

The minister said that Imran took revenge on politicians. Now the PTI chief says that the ‘Boots’ were responsible to subject Shahbaz Gill to torture, he added.

Mr Latif rued that PTI leader Pervaiz Khattak said that no one could dare arrest Imran Khan. On what basis, he is so sure, he wondered.

He was of the view that the law should be equal for everyone. He demanded that first of all, the Toshakhana case be decided.

The minister said that Imran used to proclaim that Nawaz Sharif could not get justice as long as General ® Musharraf was sitting on the throne.

He lamented that three-time ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif was still facing TV coverage ban calling upon the country’s well-wishers to think over it.