ISLAMABAD   -    The Supreme Court’s One-Man Commission (OMC) on Minori­ty Rights has expressed seri­ous concerns over slow action on the findings of Forensic Au­dit Report (FAR), 2021-2022 of the properties of Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB). The OMC directed ETPB and Federal Investigation Agen­cy (FIA) to establish an effec­tive inter-agency coordination mechanism to swiftly retrieve illegally occupied proper­ties. Chairman OMC Dr Shoaib Suddle presided the first re­view meeting held here in Is­lamabad that took into con­sideration the progress made so far against the irregulari­ties and malpractices identi­fied through audit. Report­edly, the cumulative figure related to the audit report amounts to a staggering Rs 77.597 billion in the ETPB’s 7,143 urban properties alone. The meeting was attended by Chairman ETPB Habib ur Reh­man Gilani, Senior Joint Secre­tary Ministry of Religious Af­fairs and Interfaith Harmony (MoRA) Alamgir Ahmad Khan, Director FIA Saqib Sultan, and others. Chairman Dr Shoaib Suddle underscored that the implementation of FAR was a huge challenge that sought a systematic and effective ap­proach in achieving promis­ing outcomes. It was further decided to hold a meeting ev­ery first Tuesday of the month to review retrieval of illegal­ly occupied urban properties and agricultural lands; recov­ery of outstanding rent and early finalisation of pend­ing cases in courts. Moreover, matters which are to be adju­dicated by the Secretary MoRA and the Chairman ETPB to be promptly resolved, decided in the meeting.