Islamabad police files case for hurling threats to judiciary, police n Ruling allies urge SC action against Imran n Rana Sanaullah says Imran ‘faking’ Shahbaz Gill’s torture to divert public attention.

ISLAMABAD   -   Political temperature in the country has risen as PTI Chair­man Imran Khan was booked yesterday under the terrorism charges for hurling threats to ju­diciary and police.

The case was registered with the Margalla Police Station, Is­lamabad, under 7 (Anti Ter­rorism Act) on plaintiff of Mag­istrate Saddar Zone Ali Javed. However, no arrest was made by the police so far, sources said.

Meanwhile, the ruling coa­lition also urged the Supreme Court to take a legal action against PTI Chairman Imran Khan for allegedly hurling threats at a female judge and po­lice officers during a public rally in Islamabad the other day.

However, Imran Khan, on the other hand, continues to target state institutions in the party rallies reiterating that he would not surrender his struggle for the ‘real independence’.

According to the sources, Mag­istrate Saddar Zone Ali Javed lodged a complaint with the po­lice stating that PTI was carry­ing out a rally under the leader­ship of its Chief Imran Khan from Zero Point to F-9 Park on August 20, 2022 against the arrest of Dr Shehbaz Gill. He told the police Imran Khan addressed the pub­lic rally in F-9 Park where he (the complainant) was also imparting his duties along with his gunman Syed Johar constable whereas Sub Inspector Sagheer Ahmed of PS Margalla was also present on the occasion. “Imran Khan suddenly started hurl­ing threats of dire consequenc­es towards the Inspector General of Police, Deputy Inspector General (Operations) Islamabad police and a female additional and sessions judge during his address,” he mentioned.

He added that PTI Chief Imran Khan had threatened that he and his supporters would not spare IGP Is­lamabad Police Dr Akbar Nasir Khan and DIG Operations Sohail Chatta for booking Gill under mutiny charges and would file cases against them.

“The PTI chief also threatened ASJ Zeba Chaudhry that be ready for ac­tion on part of his partymen as she granted police physical remand of his chief of staff Dr Shehbaz Gill in a sedition case,” the magistrate said.

The purpose of spilling the beans by Imran Khan in a public rally was to terrorize the judiciary and senior officers of police department so that they could not initiate action against any accused or trouble maker be­longing to PTI due to fear of Imran Khan, the applicant said.

Magistrate Saddar Zone Javed Ali pleaded the police to register a case against Imran Khan under section 7 (ATA) for terrifying the senior police officers and judiciary and fuelling terrorism and unrest in the country.

A First Information Report (FIR) was lodged against Imran Khan on charges of terrorism and started in­vestigation.

Later, in a statement, the ruling coalition have urged the Supreme Court to take a legal action against PTI Chairman Imran Khan for al­legedly hurling threats at a female judge and police officers during a public rally in Islamabad the oth­er day.

The PML-N, PPP, MQM-P, JUI-F and other ruling allies took strong ex­ception to the Imran Khan’s alleged threats during his speech at the PTI rally taken out against the arrest of his party leader Shehbaz Gill.

“The threats hurled are blatant bullying and violation of law. ‘Trai­tor’ is the one who plotted to incite mutiny in the army and received the foreign funding,” read the statement.

The ruling parties accused Khan and his aides of interfering in the matters of the interior ministry while intimidating police officers performing their respective duties in accordance to law.

Earlier in the day, Interior Minis­ter Rana Sanaullah said at a press conference that the government might file a case against Imran on terrorism charges for targeting ju­diciary and police.

This is all happening in continua­tion of a campaign after the Lasbe­la incident when six army officers were martyred followed by Shehbaz Gill’s remarks that allegedly incited army ranks to go against their top command and then Imran threaten­ing a woman judge and police offi­cials for ‘mistreatment’ meted out to Shehbaz Gill. Imran Khan at his Saturday rally had warned that cas­es would be filed against the judge and the police officers. At the same time, the Islamabad police said any­one passing ‘threats’ will face legal action. Information Minister Mar­riyum Aurangzeb said that ‘foreign agent’ Imran wants ‘civil war’ while former minister Fawad Chaudhry questioned government’s ‘fear’ of investigating torture claims.

The minister once again cast as­persions on the PTI’s claims of Gill being tortured during detention, questioning why Gill had thus far not filed an application or named an of­ficial who allegedly subjected him to torture. “This is all drama just to di­vert attention from his anti-state re­marks made on ARY News and the campaign over the Lasbela incident,” the minister claimed.

The interior minister claimed that his ministry had a proof in the form of a telephonic conversation alleged­ly revealing Gill’s understanding with ARY News workers about un­interrupted 14-minute airtime to be given to him for speaking against the army. “How could he provoke army officers to disobey the orders of their top command,” he asked.

Sanallah said Gill termed a tier of certain officers as patriotic and la­belled the top command as unpatri­otic. The interior minister ruled out the PTI claims that their party lead­er was assaulted as well as sexual­ly abused during custody, saying Gill remained in police custody from Aug 9-11 and subsequently, he was sent on judicial remand for six days from Aug 12 to Aug 17. “Not a single com­plaint was filed by him about torture and his condition deteriorated only after his remand was extended on August 17,” the minister said.

He said Imran was struggling to defend the statement made by Gill, hence he made up a story of Gill’s torture to divert focus from his an­ti-Pakistan statements.