Guards apprehended for alleged bribery in Holy Family Hospital

On the directives of Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab – Mohsin Naqvi, the guards who allegedly took bribes from patients in Holy Family Hospital were arrested.

To address the concerns of the patients and healthcare professionals, the Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab, Mohsin Naqvi, personally visited the Holy Family Hospital in Rawalpindi.

Amid mounting complaints from both patients and medical professionals, the Caretaker Chief Minister of Punjab issued a warning to the Medical Superintendent (MS) of the hospital and the Vice Chancellor (VC) of Rawalpindi Medical University.

Moreover, in certain wards, air conditioning were reported to be non-functional, contributing to discomfort among patients and healthcare staff.

Expressing over the deteriorating conditions, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi ordered urgent measures to enhance patient care, improve hospital facilities, and address the issues raised by the medical staff and patients.

During his visit to Holy Family Hospital, Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi personally inspected the Emergency Ward, Children’s Ward, Dengue Ward, and Medical Unit One, ensuring a firsthand understanding of the issues facing the institution.

Additionally, he scrutinized the passenger hall, evaluating accommodation and food services, emphasizing the importance of maintaining high standards in these areas.

Punjab Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi inquired about the provision of free medicines to patients, a critical aspect of public healthcare. In response to the complaints, he issued immediate orders to address these concerns, ensuring that patients receive the quality and timely treatment they rightfully deserve.

“Quality and timely treatment is the right of every patient,” asserted Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi during his visit, promising to revisit Holy Family Hospital to ensure that improvements are implemented swiftly.

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