HHS School System, Kifayat Publishers to jointly organise EnvisionED Summit 2023

KARACHI-Pakistan’s leading educationists, policy makers, school leaders, civil society members, researchers, parents, and other stakeholders are getting together to share their insights on the future of education and the changing needs of learners.
The HHS School System and Kifayat Publishers are jointly organizing EnvisionED Summit 2023, a one-day education conference, soon in which some prominent figures including Dr Ishrat Husain, former dean of IBA, Dr Mariam Chugtai, director National Curriculum Council, Abbas Husain, Director Teachers’ Development Centre, and officials from provincial education department will discuss what’s next for our students and for their learning.
“It is a place to come together to understand the changing needs of learners, and spark innovation in teaching and learning, so that students are ready to take on this world,” said Danish Faruqi, Deputy Executive Director HHS School System. He added that the theme of the summit is ‘Towards Meaningful Learning’ and it is aimed at discussing what meaningful learning looks like today, why it matters, and most importantly, how we can achieve it. Danish said that today’s students face numerous unique challenges like pressures of social media, political instability, job insecurity, overload of information and data, and climate change.
“There is now an even greater need to re-evaluate and change our pedagogical practices and learning processes. Taking into account the lives of our young learners today, and how they will look in the very near future, we need to identify the skills and attributes that will help them be successful and face any challenges that come their way,” said S.M Omair Saeed, Director Research Kifayat Publishers. He added that the summit will also have training sessions on Alternative Assessments to Encourage Meaningful Learning, Empowering Explorers: Nurturing Student Autonomy, From Instructor to Activator: The Evolving Role of Teachers in Schools, and Taking Fun Learning Seriously. “We have also invited business leaders for a panel discussion on preparing students for their professional journeys,” said Omair, adding that this summit is for the whole education community to provide meaningful education and development for all our students and for the future of our nation.

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