NAB inquiry report declares Parvez Elahi guilty of corruption

LAHORE   -   PTI Pres­ident Chaudhry Parvez Ela­hi misused his office during his stint as the chief minister and had 116 schemes approved for his hometown of Gujrat, accord­ing to a report prepared by the National Accountability Bu­reau (NAB). The NAB has pre­pared the report, in the case of fraud and kickbacks in govern­ment contracts against former chief minister Elahi. The NAB report declares that Parvez Ela­hi was found involved in cor­ruption. As the chief minister of Punjab, Elahi got 116 devel­opment schemes approved for Gujrat. He misused his position as the chief minister, and used his influence to award contracts to his favorite contractors, the NAB report says. The bureau further says that after award­ing the contracts to his favoured contractors, the PTI president received kickbacks through his frontman. The report also says that Elahi launched dozens of development schemes unnec­essarily in Gujrat. Releasing ad­vance funds for the schemes was malicious on his part, it added. The former chief minister also diverted the funds meant of oth­er schemes to projects in Gujrat, NAB maintains. The bureau’s re­port says that Parvez Elahi mis­used his position as the head of the province and received kick­backs. It concluded that Elahi was found involved in corrup­tion and corrupt practices.

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