Ruined by design through a Bastion of Sycophants

Pakistan, a nation of about 224 million people, has con­sistently faced myriad challeng­es since its inception. It was the sheer outcome of the unfettered determination and cemented res­olution of our founding fathers, whose earnest and dauntless ef­forts not only won independence for the ground-up Muslims of the subcontinent but also provided ample space to make progress and avoid regression.

I always value solid criticism based on cogent logic, but some of the sycophants of the PTI have been trying to present and project the darkest era of the PTI in pow­er as one of the most progressive eras in the history of the country in terms of economic progress and development. This is certainly akin to living in a fool’s paradise, having denied all the monstrous blunders made by the chairman of PTI as a former prime minister and his co­terie of clowns and jesters.

To corroborate the philistine na­ture of the chairman PTI, who dur­ing his premiership only resort­ed to the political victimisation of his opponents and political adver­saries, has always been embroiled in hatching conspiracies through churning mills of speculation and has done nothing except hurling abuses and invective at his oppo­nents during his darkest rule.

Instead of listening to sane voic­es, he always prioritised obstreper­ousness, negating a perspicacious approach throughout his sluggish rule, aiming to ruin and damage the state and the country in tan­dem. During his murky, dark rule, the country remained under hos­tile circumstances, and even dur­ing his waning days of premiership, the clouds of economic default were persistently hovering over the horizon, stymieing the envis­aged progress and development.

Keeping in mind such trepida­tious manoeuvres of events, it is pertinent to mention here that the chairman of PTI has played the de­testable role of a plunderer who has pillaged the nation, making it morally corrupt, especially for his young followers. It was just like dic­tating and pursuing the agenda of the enemies while playing into their hands, but eventually, the spectre of hatred and poison was bottled up by the sane authorities to mitigate wholesale destruction after de­bunking the dolt-like narrative.

After the arrest and disqualifi­cation of the chairman of the PTI, the chapter of shameful politics and regressive ideology has been closed. This is great news for the nation and its citizens.



ePaper - Nawaiwaqt