Call the bluff

The NRO verdict of SCP exposes the PPP totally. The party has no respect for the integrity of national institutions, the constitution or rule of law. We now know the PPP acquired power through negotiating this odious NRO with a military dictator and did the shoddiest of all deals that anyone did anywhere in the world. Since the death of Benazir Shaheed, Mr Zardari has been openly breaking national pledges he made on COD, 17th amendment, 58-2-B etc, etc. He did not even restore the judiciary until he was forced to do so due to the Long March. His incompetent Prime Minister and the accompanying bevy of ministers have ruined the economy of the country and has starved the poor to death. The PPP is threatening that if its reign of power is ended now, it would play the Sindh card. I would request the SCP to take cognizance. -WAHAB ALI, Faisalabad, December 20.

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt