There was a meeting of the Central Executive Committee (CEC) of the PPP in the Presidency on Saturday, December 19. According to the press reports, this meeting lasted for over 10 hours and nothing else got discussed except the headache caused to the PPP by the Supreme Court verdict annulling the NRO. Afterwards, Jehangir Badar and Fauzia Wahab held a press conference to tell the press nothing new. Even the CEC decision that the accused ministers will not resign was not news to anyone. In Pakistan, we know no one leaves power gracefully; all wait to be disgraced before they go. The President also issued a statement that he would not allow any Mujibur Rehman to be born again. This was a strange statement as one such 'Mujibur Rehman' was sitting right under his nose at the time and this Mujibur Rehman wanted him to play the Sindh card in case any harm comes to the PPP government. Though this minister was reportedly snubbed on this occasion but this shows the mindset of PPP men that are huddled around the President at present. Another PPP minister recently appeared in a live TV show to openly confess that he takes bribes. He said, "It is a right of us all as all others who came into power have done so. Yes I make money and I am telling you openly". May Allah save this country -RUSTAM JALANDHARI, Malakwal, December 21.