December 16 is so far remembered for the unfortunate military surrender and loss of country's eastern wing but, henceforth, would be remembered for the Supreme Court's momentous decision to strike down the most shameful document of our history -the NRO. The learned court, by re-writing history to bring the corrupt mafia in the legal dragnet, has lifted the pall of gloom that hovered on this unfortunate country. Hats off to the honourable judges who have rid us of corruption in high places. While the people rejoice over this decision, they are also demanding accountability of the architect of this odious ordinance, General (Rtd) Musharraf. He must be brought back to face the cases against him. Even the British government has shown willingness to extradite him if the Pakistan government so demands. -MAJOR (Rtd) SURKHAB PASHA, Chakwal, December 17.