Cattle markets in Kashmore lack basic facilities

Kandhkot - There is a great dearth of basic facilities in the two big cattle markets of Kashmore district. Basic necessities such as water, grass, shelter, sanitation and also security are mostly missing in the markets situated in Kandhkot and Tangwani town.

In both these markets, there is no proper system to check that whether the buyers are being charged fair rates.

These markets are given to influential people on contracts, who squeeze both the buyers and sellers and collect hefty amounts from them.

Talking to this scribe, both sellers and buyers complained that despite paying high charges, no facilities had been provided both inside and outside the markets.

They further complained that there was even no space for them to sit and negotiate with each other over the prices of animals. “Whereas in Punjab and in other provinces of Pakistan, charges are minimal and even the vehicles are available at cheaper rates. There are telephones, shelters for the animals and proper security arrangements in the markets,” they said, and added, ”But in district Kashmore, traders sell and buy livestock out in the open where they face lot of inconvenience, but the concerned departments are not taking proper steps in this regard.” They said it was disappointing that despite the fact that the district and tehsil chairmen had taken offices, local government in the district was still inactive.

“Only the deputy commissioner is overseeing the matters related to local government like TMAs, cattle markets and also encroachments,” they added.

They stressed that the councilors, chairmen and vice chairmen of the district and towns should take notice of missing facilities in the cattle markets and take initiatives to monitor rates of the animals and the process of awarding contracts in order to give relief to both the buyers and sellers.

“There is even no official from the livestock and animal husbandry departments in the markets to treat sick animals, which may be harmful for the people,” they expressed the fear.


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