Suicidal rate in Pakistan  

The suicide rate in students has increased in Pakistan during the past few years. 15 to 20 people end their lives in Pakistan every day. Some motives that act as contributing factors in provoking students to end their own lives are examination stress, fear of failure, verbal and physical abuse by parents, teachers, or peers, feelings of loneliness, hopelessness, and being worthless. Methods for suicides mostly include hanging, gunshot, taking poison, jumping from a height, burn, and wrist cutting. Increased expectations and competition lead to academic stress, depression, and other psychological illnesses among students nowadays. Pakistan has no official statistics regarding student suicides. Our society overburdens the children with their expectations that can be life-threatening for them.

Recently, a female student of UMT Lahore committed suicide. She was super stressed because of studies and physical exam pressure. One student named Fareed Ahmed killed himself after getting 81 percent marks with which he was not satisfied.

Despite an alarmingly rising rate of suicide by students in Pakistan, mental health experts and governments have not addressed this issue. Thus, to determine the epidemiology of suicide by students in Pakistan, a standard system of recording should be established to help design effective suicide prevention programs. This should also be served as a wake-up call for the government plan to remedy the situation. Psychological services must be available to students in every educational institute, school, college, and university.



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