ISLAMABAD - While the main opposition parties have increased their political parleys to strategise anti-government campaign, Prime Minister Imran Khan with its mass contact campaign would start holding meetings with its coalition partners.

The senior leadership of the ruling party [PTI], in order to counter all possible moves, are in contact with all its allies in the Parliament. The leadership of coalition partners [MQM-P, PML-Q and GDA] will be asked to ensure their cooperation in the parliament in the upcoming National Assembly session, background discussion with the lawmakers revealed.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, after his scheduled visit to Russia, may visit MQM-P headquarter [at Bhadarbad] to discuss the planning to thwart all the moves of opposition factions. The PTI’s senior members, in their media talks,   seem confident about the support of its main allies in the centre and Punjab.

Sources said that the senior leadership of the ruling party [PTI] may also visit the residence of Pakistan Muslim League-Q by the end of this week to discuss the same political matters.

Political experts viewed that the government in the current political situation is confident to deal with possible no-confidence motion in the centre with the support of its allies. The presence of all the coalition partners during the voting on no-trust motion would be much important for the government to secure the required number [172 votes].

On the other hand, the leadership of main opposition parties [PML-N and PPP-P] are holding its second meeting within a fortnight to deliberate on long-march and possibilities of moving no-trust motions. PPP-P, the second largest opposition party, has also announced to start [27th February] its long-march by the next week onto Federal capital.

Sources said that the opposition parties have decided to contact only the leadership of coalition partners. No individual [Member Parliament from coalition partner] will be contacted to get his/her support for an anti-government move.

It may be mentioned here that the opposition forces in the last two weeks had held meetings with all their main political opponents including Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q] Muttahida Qaumi Movement [MQM-P] to seek their support for no-confidence motion.