A so-called library

Libraries provide a peaceful and undisturbed environment for readers, allowing them to learn and engage in their professional and academic activities comfort­ably. However, despite being one of Baluchistan’s largest and most industrialized cities, Hub suffers from a shortage of public libraries.

There is only one library without the functionality of fundamental equipment and requirements. The library deals with several prob­lems such as water and electricity shortages, washroom issues, and so on, but the most highlighted is­sue is the lack of space and mainly the dearth of chairs in the library. It consists of three rooms with a capacity of 20 to 30 people, which is inadequate for students in Hub. Additionally, the dearth of chairs bothers students a lot. The seats in the library fill up in the early stages of the morning. 

As a result, students coming later do not find vacant spaces to sit and continue their studies, so they have to manage themselves on the floor outside or keep waiting until a space becomes unoccupied, which is un­certain. Students have complained to the authorities many times about these issues but have not received the perfect response yet. The au­thorities are humbly requested to pay attention to the only public li­brary of Hub and sort out the issues.



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