Another girl re-united with parents through “Mera Pyara App”

LAHORE  -  Another young girl of Sheikhupura has been re-united with her parents through Punjab Police’s initiative “Mera Pyara App”, here on Wednesday. In a heartwarming series of events, Lahore’s Chief Traffic Officer, Amara Athar, un­der the directives of Punjab’s Inspector Gen­eral Dr. Usman Anwar, has orchestrated a pro­gramme to reunite missing children and elderly individuals with their families. This initiative, led by a dedicated team of volunteers, marks yet another success for the “Mera Pyara App” project. Recently, the team, along with the Child Protection Unit, successfully reunited Nida, also known as Nadra, who had been separated from her mother since 8 years. Nida, whose parents got job for her in a house at Gulberg, but she fled away due to torture by her own­ers. Nida wandered aimlessly, unable to return home due to her orphaned status. The “Mera Pyara App” team’s relentless efforts over five months finally bore fruit as they conducted fol­low-up sessions in Lahore and Sheikhupura, ul­timately reuniting Nida with her family. Grate­ful for the efforts of Punjab’s Inspector General and Lahore’s Chief Traffic Officer, Nida’s family praised their endeavors. In light of this achieve­ment, the Inspector General urged the public to download the “Punjab Police Pakistan” app and utilize the “Mera Pyara” section to provide in­formation about missing individuals, especially those with special needs, enabling a collabora­tive effort between the community and the po­lice to reunite lost loved ones.

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