Caretaker govt significantly improved country's economy, says Kakar

Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar on Thursday stated that the caretaker government had significantly improved the country's economy since its inception in August last year.

Kakar, while presiding over a cabinet meeting at the PM’s Office, commended his cabinet members for their outstanding performance during this brief period.

The caretaker PM emphasised that the caretaker government would leave behind an action plan for the incoming elected government which would undoubtedly benefit the nation and its interests.

Kakar underscored that prioritising the country's interests had always been the cornerstone of the caretaker government's decisions and policy-making processes.

The PM emphasised the need for working together to make Pakistan a stable, prosperous and developed nation.

Kakar said he considered himself a lucky person to have served as the caretaker prime minster. “I have romance for Pakistan, I love the soul of the country… For me, Pakistan is the first and last and for me, Pakistan stands as an emblem of my faith. It is home to me and let us make this home stable, prosperous and developed.”

Kakar expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement received from the officers and staff at the PM's Office, particularly acknowledging the contributions of the military secretary, principal secretary, and cabinet secretary despite administrative challenges.

He attributed the successful steering of the cabinet to the genuine and positive contributions of its members, emphasising the importance of teamwork in achieving the government's goals and ensuring effective governance.

Kakar highlighted Pakistan's immense potential for progress, citing its rich cultural heritage and unique identity.

The cabinet members expressed satisfaction with the caretaker government's initiatives, including the restructuring of various departments, the promotion of foreign investment, and the facilitation of business activities.

The cabinet meanwhile approved the receipt of the Turkish Armed Forces’ Legion of Merit award by army chief General Asim Munir in recognition of his efforts to enhance Pak-Turkish cooperation in the defence sector.

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