Inflation in Hub Chowki

Hub Chowki is facing a dire sit­uation as residents grapple with the harsh impact of inflation. Numerous reports from students, shopkeepers, and concerned citi­zens highlight the pressing issue that has persisted for months. Dur­ing a recent personal survey con­ducted in the city, I witnessed the alarming fluctuation in commod­ity prices. The same product was being sold at normal prices in one location, while just a short dis­tance away, it was being offered at double the cost. This self-creat­ed pricing chaos is causing distress among the local population.

The gravity of the situation be­came even more apparent when I visited a salon for a simple haircut. To my dismay, I was charged three hundred, a stark contrast to the one hundred to one hundred and fifty range observed in other well-dec­orated shops. The discrepancy in pricing reflects an unjust burden on the residents of Hub Chowki, creat­ing a sense of frustration and anger.

In a published article from “The Express Tribune” titled ‘JI Balo­chistan to protest soaring inflation,’ the issue of inflation in Hub Chow­ki was underscored, emphasising that protests have already taken place in response to this economic challenge. The mercilessness with which inflation is affecting the peo­ple of Hub Chowki is evident, and urgent intervention is needed.

I earnestly request the district duty commissioner and other city authorities to address this injus­tice promptly. Failing to control inflation in Balochistan’s second-largest city could have far-reach­ing consequences, potentially ex­acerbating destructive issues across the country. It is crucial that steps be taken to stabilise prices and alleviate the financial burden on the residents of Hub Chowki.



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