MQM places demands with PML-N for govt formation

Seeks Sindh governorship, five federal ministries

ISLAMABAD  -  The MQM-Pakistan has asked the PML-N for its share in the federal government as much as possible in addition to the Sindh governorship. The MQM and PML-N held talks in Islamabad on Wednesday which contin­ued for several hours. 

The MQM side was led by Sindh Governor Kamran Tessori, Mus­tafa Kamal and Dr Fa­rooq Sattar, while the PML-N delegation in­cluded Ishaq Dar, Ayaz Sadiq, Azam Nazeer Tarar and Muhammad Ahmed Khan.

According to inside sourc­es, the MQM has demand­ed the Sindh governorship and five federal ministries. The MQM leadership also emphasized amendments to the local governments system and constitution­al amendments in this gov­ernance system. The talks were held at the Ministers’ Enclave in Islamabad. Both the parties considered vari­ous options for working to­gether in the federation. The MQM-P also asked the PML-N for its share in the central government as much as possible. Moreover, ac­cording to the sources, the party insists that getting an important post is the right of the party that won 17 seats in the National Assem­bly. The party maintains that if they have to work togeth­er, the bigger parties would have to open up their hearts too. The MQM has also de­manded five federal minis­tries from the PML-N and handed over a list of priori­ty ministries. Furthermore, it has been reported that the MQM has demanded the Min­istries of Ports and Shipping, IT, Communication, Labour and Manpower, and Over­seas Pakistanis in the federa­tion. Later, the MQM Pakistan in a statement said the sec­ond round of talks between the two parties took place in Islamabad on Wednesday. The two sides agreed to con­tinue the process of reconcil­iation and mutual coopera­tion for political, democratic and economic stability in the country, as per the MQM statement.

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