No ceasefire yet

More than four months have passed in the contemporary war in the Middle East. 27,000 lives have been lost, and over 60,000 have been wounded. Half of Gaza has be­come a mound of rubble. However, Hamas offered an armistice, but Is­raeli Prime Minister Netanyahu re­buffed it and has pursued the total extermination of Hamas at the ex­pense of civilian lives. Yet, diploma­cy persists behind closed doors.

The ceasefire offered by Hamas had three phases: the exchange of women and children, the exchange of male hostages, and the exchange of remnant dead bodies. Rebuilding of diminished hospitals was also in­cluded. Presently, PM Netanyahu’s repressive actions have created tur­moil within Israel and its surround­ings. The people of Israel demand the return of hostages, and its allies emphasize a permanent ceasefire.

Although the Arab League and the Islamic World’s stance on Is­rael’s encroachment is fragile and comical, the Organization of Islam­ic Conference (OIC) does nothing formidable except release euphe­mistic statements. Israel has ex­pedient backup, resulting in no ex­pected sanctions or consequences. Historically, Israeli forces have fre­quently defeated Arab armies due to advanced weapons.

The global powers, holding veto buttons, must highlight their con­cerns. Excessive wars generate in­flation and a scarcity of resources. Moreover, the climate is drastical­ly presaging natural disasters. It is certainly high time for the US to adopt a bold unbiased stance. By stepping into the hornet’s nest, the US would revitalize its hegemony in the Middle East by pressuring Is­rael to cease war at any cost.

Notwithstanding, the European Union and the Islamic World must secure their exposure to Western onslaught, exemplifying the Pales­tinian pogrom by Zionist zealots. Refreshing the motives of OIC and mustering a unilateral platform, not merely on paper but emotion­ally and practically, would certain­ly redress the panacea of undaunt­ed Western imperialism.


Khairpur Nathan Shah.

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