PTI slates govt for depriving masses of social media usage

MARDAN   -   Pakistan Teh­reek-e-Insaf (PTI) Information Secre­tary for the Peshawar region, Engn Adil Nawaz, strongly criticised the caretak­er government’s decision to shut down the social media platform X (Twitter), denouncing it as a violation of citizens’ basic constitutional rights of expression and communication. Adil Nawaz, speak­ing to The Nation, also condemned the caretaker Prime Minister for labelling social media users as violent elements.

Asserting that the constitution and democracy guarantee citizens the rights of expression, communication, and criticism, Adil Nawaz argued that the caretaker government, failing to maintain transparency in the February 8 general elections, is attempting to cover up its actions by targeting social media. He emphasized that social me­dia has exposed false claims regarding transparent elections and has revealed evidence of organized rigging, causing anxiety for the unconstitutional care­taker prime minister.

Adil Nawaz highlighted the pub­lic stir in Pakistan due to the depriva­tion of the basic constitutional right to freedom of expression. Instead of la­belling the caretaker prime minister as violent, he urged the use of the law against civil servants involved in large-scale rigging.

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