Social media

Social media is a platform where people all over the world cre­ate, share and exchange informa­tion and ideas in virtual commu­nities and networks. The types of social media platforms are Insta­gram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinter­est, Facebook, amongst many oth­ers. These platforms are used for pleasure and socialising, but they are also majorly used as a source of information. Through these platforms, people can get aware­ness about issues they care about. Generally, Social media is classi­fied into print media, broadcast media, and the internet.

Undoubtedly as they say, every­thing has pros and cons. The pos­itive aspect of social media is that it enables us to communicate ef­fectively with our friends and fam­ilies. We can get regular updates on people’s lives, even if they live a thousand miles away from us! However, with all of these perks, there are also some downsides to this invention. Social media has made communication easier, but in the same way has enabled cyber­bullying and harassment. More­over, social media is also addictive, subsequently leading to wastage of time by many user. This is especial­ly a problem for young people.

I will reiterate that social media can be a powerful tool, but it has to be regulated as all things do.



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