Virk calls for more welfare activities

LAHORE  -  Founder and General Secretary of Dr. AQ Khan Hospital Trust, Dr. Shaukat Babar Virk has said that helping the deserving is commend­able. The resources available with the government are not enough for the nation, we need more welfare institutions and welfare activities., he said. Dr. AQ khan Hospital Trust has become uniform with facilities and tireless services. Our donors are standing behind us, with their full confidence this noble cause got strength, he added. In one of his statements, Dr. Shaukat Babar Virk further said that it is humanity for human to work for human. He said that Zakat is one of the most im­portant member of Islam. Do not wait for the question of the benefi­ciaries to fulfill the duty of Zakat. Our vision and mission is to pro­vide free modern medical facilities and medicines to the indigent and deserving sick citizens who come to Dr. AQ Khan Hospital Trust, he said. This trust is matchless in its given facilities and professional services, he added.

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