King Charles III to ditch ‘breaches and stockings’ for ‘military uniform’ at coronation

LONDON-King Charles III has all eyes on him with his upcoming coronation while the new monarch is seemingly aiming to modernize the historic ceremony. The 74-year-old monarch will reportedly wear the uniform of the Admiral of the Fleet by ditching silk stockings as they “look too dated”. As per The Sun, Charles aims to make his coronation reflect a “modern 21st-Century monarchy”.  King Charles was said to be “happy” to adorn the same outfit as his grandfather on the auspicious occasion however senior aides revealed, “he should not wear them”. “Though some of the more long-winded elements of the coronation will be moved aside or modernised, the King was happy to wear the breeches and stockings,” the insider shared. “But in discussion with senior aides they are saying he should not wear them, so will arrive in a military uniform instead. “It is largely to do with modernising the coronation and stripping away the stuffiness,” the source added. “They think having a 74-year-old King arriving in stockings and breeches in 2023 looks too dated. They are probably right.” In the meanwhile, Prince Harry in his book Spare admitted that he became a huge fan of the super-hit sitcom Friends. Referring to his cheekier and funnier side of personality, the Duke of Sussex said that he ‘was a Chandler’. In his book, Prince Harry said that Friends became his constant companion when he suffered panic attacks, and withdrawing from public life.  He weighed in on the 2016 incident when he crashed at Courtney Cox’s (Monica) house. “I found the idea of crashing at Monica’s highly appealing,” he wrote. “And amusing.” Calling himself a “Friends fanatic,” Harry admits having a crush on Courtney. “I was still confused because… she was Monica. And I was a Chandler,” Harry noted. “I wondered if I’d ever work up the courage to tell her. Was there enough tequila in California to get me that brave?” Harry added.

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