LAHORE         -     City Traffic Police is taking action against fancy, inappropriate, and without number plates vehicles.  No excuses will be accepted for fake, lack of clear numbers and tampering on number plates. According to details, CTO Syed Hammad Abid said that challan tickets were issued to 01 lakh 12 thousand 367 motorcycles and vehicles in the last 20 days.  For not affixing proper number plates according to the pattern issued by the Excise, challan tickets were issued to 93,283 vehicles, and further 9,692 tickets were issued for without number plates and applied for motorcycles and vehicles.  While 2,943 for affixing broken number plates, 2,839 on tampered number plates, 2,506 for displaying blurred number plates, and 1,104 vehicles were ticketed for hazing their numbers on the number plates in order to flee from E-challan. Cases have been registered against those who affixed fake and bogus number plates.  In case of violation of the law, such persons will also be brought under the purview of the law. Immediate action is being taken on the identification of Safe City.